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Bright Mountain oils focuses on high-value African plant-based natural products for the food processing, beauty and personal care and pharmaceutical industries.  


Our Company prides itself on values which are honesty and equality for all life. Our ambition is to put this awareness into action and therefore we consider all life in all that we do. 


We ensure our natural products are sustainably sourced to preserve the plants, animals and people that depend on them. 


Our partners and community networks are respected and business takes place within the guidelines of ethical trade and traceability.


Bright Mountain Oils is committed to sustainable bioprospecting and ethical benefit sharing. We are BABS permit holders, South Africa's Nagoya Protocol framework. We are creating significant sustainable economic opportunities where no others exist. Trade is far more valuable and appreciated than Aid.


Our customers receive only the finest, high-quality products possible and we ensure end-to-end quality control processes are in place to consistently meet our customer’s expectations.










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