Baobab Powder 

Baobab powder is a super fruit. It is eaten to boost health and vitality. The powder can be used as a health supplement and as a food ingredient. It is rich in vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. Baobab powder is an antioxidant and has prebiotic properties. It is a natural source of dietary fibres, minerals and organic acids.

How we make our baobab powder

Baobab powder is the ‘pulp’ of baobab fruit. It holds the seeds in the fruit, much like the white of an apple. Baobab powder is naturally dry which makes it easy to extract and package. 

The fruit mature during the dry season and drop off the trees when ready to harvest.  People living in rural areas collect the fruit from under the trees. The fruit are transported to our processing facility. 













Here the fruit are cracked open and the inside powder and seed is removed. The powder is then tumbled and sieved twice. The first sieving is to separate out the seeds.  The second uses a very fine sieve to remove fibres.  The fine creamy-coloured powder is then ready to be packed.

Common Names:

Baobab powder

Latin Names:

Adansonia digitata

Lead Time:

Minimum lead time of 2-3 days applies for small quantities. Our maximum lead-time is 21 days for large orders.

Supply Capacity:

NMT 5000kg per month.

Supply Sizes:

20kg bags

Stock on Hand:

In season only

FOB Point:

Durban airport or harbor.


Sent free of charge by postal service.

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