“The Rejuvenator”

Our certified organic rosehip seed oil is globally recognised for its performance and efficacy.


Why Baobab Oil?

Prized since ancient times for its valuable anti-aging and healing benefits, rosehip oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and other phytochemicals.

Rosehip oil contains natural trans-retinoic acid (a derivative of vitamin A). Unlike the synthetic form known as retinol, the substance found in rosehip oil is part of its naturally occurring state. Our cold pressed rosehip seed oil is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 80% essential fatty acids. The human body is unable to produce these fatty acids and they are vital for skin health. For most who choose organic skincare products, it is important that they are as close to nature as possible – this means they are bioavailable for our skin to recognise, rather than something synthetic. 

Combined with rosehip oil’s essential fatty acids and beta-carotene (a precursor to Vitamin A), trans-retinoic acid has been proven to promote healthy skin cell rejuvenation; reduce the depth of wrinkles; fade fine lines and stretch marks; rebuild sun-damaged skin; lighten age spots and improve uneven skin tone; treat acne and oily skin; and heal scarring and burns. This makes rosehip oil a powerful beauty treatment oil, well suited to use as both a pure facial oil and in cosmetic formulations.  Due to its balancing properties and rapid absorption, rosehip oil can be used for all skin types.

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  • Drs Preja and Kehl carried out a two-year study in which rosehip oil was applied to 180 patients with scars from trauma, surgery and burns, as well to a group of patients with premature skin ageing. The results showed that regular application of rosehip oil effectively decreases scars and wrinkles, prevents premature ageing and restores natural skin colour and tone.


  • 2015 study, involving 108 participants who were having surgery to remove skin tumours, showed that rosehip oil reduces the appearance of scars and surrounding skin, with reduction in skin redness after 6 weeks of treatment and reduction in skin atrophy and discolouration within 12 weeks (Valerón-Almazán et al.).




Cold pressing is a mechanical extraction of seed. Bright Mountain Oils extracts using a low temperature extruder - specifically designed for rosehip seed - to produce a 100% pure and natural oil with a light fragrance. Our high quality cold-pressed rosehip oil ranges from a beautiful deep golden hue through to a rich red-orange colour. Although we prefer to keep it as natural as possible, we do have the capability to meet client specific colour and fragrance profiles, including complete decolourisation and deodorisation. Rosehip seed oil is known as a dry, light oil, absorbing rapidly and leaving a non-greasy feel on the skin, making it highly suitable for all skin types, including dry and oily skin.