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Our raw materials are handled in a way that ensures our adherence to the highest international standards for dried foods and herbs, according to the WHO (1988) regulations, as laid out in the African Herbal Pharmacopoeia (2010).

To ensure that strict control is maintained over the product that moves in and out of our processing and storage facility, each batch is assigned a unique number, which specifies the supplier invoice, and the manufacturing and expiry dates. This batch number corresponds to a certificate of analysis (COA), which is sent out with each batch. In addition, we strive to abide by international protocols, such as HACCP and ISO, and to conform to the international standards of botanical identification (HPLC).


Testing is performed by Precision Laboratories, SMT Labs and Hearshaw & Kinnes (SANAS accredited laboratories).


Bright Mountain Oils is certified organic by Ecocert, NOP & EOS, for the production and trade of cold pressed oils, tea cuts, plant powders and more.

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Our oils are packed in food grade, lined steel drums. These provide maximum protection for our high-value oils so that they arrive in prime condition.

Our powders are packed in durable sealed bags that prevent exposure to light and moisture. The bags are then placed in a hardy food grade bucket for export protection.